Current & Past Research Students

Grinnell College Students

Emma Olson: 2017-2018

Allison Brink: Summer-Fall 2017

Gwen Holtzman: Summer-Fall 2017

Francisco Sanchez-Conde: Summer 2017

Chloe Briney: Spring 2017

Tulane University Students

Harrison Rahn: 2015-2016

Mark Gorelik: 2014-2016

Emma Olson: Grinnell College 2019

Emma Olson is a Chemistry major at Grinnell College with an expected graduation in Spring 2019. Her current interests are synthetic chemistry and the characterization of encapsulation complexes. She would especially like to explore how her research is applicable to the medical field and current pharmaceutical techniques.

Post-graduation, she plans to get her PhD in chemistry and continue research. Ultimately, she'd like to use her findings to create more effective and efficient cancer treatments.

Following a year of research at Grinnell working on synthesizing a benzo(k,l)xanthene-3,4-dicarboximide scaffold for use as a fluorescent sensor, Emma is pursuing a summer research internship with Dr. Tod Grusenmeyer in synthesis and photochemistry at the Air Force Research Labs.

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