Current & Past Research Students

Grinnell College Students

Emma Olson: 2017-2018

Allison Brink: Summer-Fall 2017

Gwen Holtzman: Summer-Fall 2017

Francisco Sanchez-Conde: Summer 2017

Chloe Briney: Spring 2017

Tulane University Students

Harrison Rahn: 2015-2016

Mark Gorelik: 2014-2016

Allison Brink: Grinnell College 2019

Allison Brink is a Biological Chemistry major at Grinnell College. Her current research interests look at the structure and stability of G-quadruplex molecular beacons, which she hopes to apply to the early detection of cancer.

After graduating, she plans to attend graduate school and pursue biochemical research or a related field.

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